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The most recent Eo7 single, available now as an NFT!

Expresszvonat (Express Train)

Some of my fondest childhood memories are of visiting my Family in Hungary. We would go almost every Summer, and while we were there, I absolutely loved travelling by train. The unique looks and sounds of European rail are a source of joy for me to this day. This piece, "Expresszvonat (Express Train)" is a reflection of those wonderful times, right down to the timeless and unmistakable chimes that play over the loudspeakers before each announcement. If you've ever travelled by rail in Hungary, the melody will instantly take you back to those moments standing on the platform, waiting to board your train. The sounds and images are from my 2016 trip to Hungary, visiting Family, and soaking in that beautiful European charm! 1920x1080 MP4, 30 seconds in length, 48 khz 2 channel audio. A one of a kind piece!

"Maskhead Fire Hammers"

From the "Cave Wall" video

A remastered version of this clip from the "Cave Wall" music video by "Edges of Seven". The video was released in 2018, and was a completely self produced effort. Footage was shot by 3 of the band's friends, while the video was conceived, directed, edited, and vfx created by Edges of Seven's founder/singer, Robert Takacs. A series of remastered original clips from the video will be minted over the coming months.

Life Painting a Dream

from the "Power of growth" series

The second in the "Power of growth" series. "Life Painting a Dream" is a colorful micro-cinema piece showcasing a blank canvas that gradually reveals new life in a "dream state". Score and sound design is written and performed/produced by Robert Takacs.

"The Power of Growth"

Edition 1

"The Power of Growth: Edition 1" is the first of a series of works that celebrate the power of growth. The past year has been a trying time for all of us. In that time we've grown, evolved, expanded, learned, and loved. This piece, and it's subsequent editions, is/are a celebration of that growth and evolution. With customized, immaculate sound design that tightly fits every minute visual element, each "Power Flower" will be unique, yet an integral part of the series.

"While you still can"

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We all have gifts. Some incredible talent given to us by the Universe. Don't waste your gift, don't waste your talents, use them. While you still can. The violin image inspired the concept behind this piece. As a musician, I play every day, I love it, and I strive to constantly improve. Nothing is guaranteed, so I play as much as I can, while I can. A simple, dramatic, bitter-sweet piece that sends the simple message in a span of 15 seconds. With custom crafted sound design, and a little violin melody of my own. 1000x1400 mp4, 48kHz audio

"Struggling with the Demon"

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Video 3238x2128 24 fps mp4 Audio bit rate 321 kbps, stereo 48 kHz sample rate

We all fight our silent, personal battles. These "Demons" as we call them, can be anything from addiction to obsession. Anything that robs us of our energy as we struggle with it. We can win, we can come out better than we were before, we can be victorious. "Struggle with the Demon" is a 16 second video/audio representation of the aforementioned fight. It began with a photograph I took of a ceramic mask, which I then brought into Photoshop. The result was then imported into After Effects to apply the visuals that best represented my own personal struggles. The sound design alone took 2 evenings of softsynths and samples in Cubase, then additional sound effects carefully selected and applied in Adobe Premiere. The audio "moves" with the visuals, providing an eerie, almost surreal final result. Turn your speakers up while enjoying this piece!