Best described as "Trent Reznor armwrestling James Hetfield, with Rob Zombie as referee". Edges of Seven began as a solo project of guitarist/songwriter Robert Takacs (pronounced "tack-axe" - Hungarian name) in March of 2000.Writing and recording a number of songs, playing/programming/singing everything himself up until 2003 when he was introduced to former "Frontline Assembly" drummer Jason Hagan. The two immediately hit it off with Jason being most impressed by Edges fusion of heavy rock/metal, with electronic music, Jason helped put the band together.

Joined by bassist Ryan Smith, keyboardist/programmer Corey Hunt, guitarist Mark Santacattarina, and with Robert on vocals, Eo7 headed into Ear Art studios in Delta BC to record a their debut CD "Born Again Hard", the name taken from a line in the Stanley Kubrick classic war film "Full Metal Jacket". Tragically, bass player Ryan Smith passed away due to complications from prescription medication. "Born Again hard" was of course, dedicated to Ryan's memory. The band took time to heal from the loss, and eventually began the search for a new bassist. Enter both Steve Booth on bass, and second guitar player Carmello Bruzzeze (bruh-zez-zee).

In 2007, the band hooked up with Korn's former manager, who shopped them to labels, and set up 2 showcase gigs in Hollywood. In 2009 at the Whiskey-a-go-go, and after some band restructuring, including a new vocalist and drummer, and Robert switching back to guitar, another showcase at S.I.R. Studios. By this time, Robert's passion for music had worn thin, and he needed a break. Certain decisions were made, and Robert was back on vocals and guitar, and the band was now a 4 piece.

In 2016, tragedy struck yet again when founding member and drummer Jason Hagan, passed away suddenly at the age of 44 due to heart failure. Though he had been let go from the band 2 years prior, he was still a close friend, he was family. The video for the band's most recent single "Cave Wall" was dedicated to Ryan and Jason, and at the 4:23 mark in the video, look to the left of the screen for pictures of them.

The band is currently in pre-production for their new album (tentatively titled "Disconnected") which they begin recording in mid October, at Ear Art studios with long time producer Tim Neuhaus.

About the "Cave Wall" video: The song is about being an introvert, and the video is symbolic of Robert's love for surreal/creepy imagery, with the main character being faceless. 4 of us shot all the footage, Robert then did all the post production including editing, green screen, compositing, motion tracking, etc. It was a 2 year labor of love and huge learning process. Plans for future videos are already in the works, with ideas and concepts being jotted down daily.



Born Again Hard

Edges of Seven

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